What is the U.S. Travel Authorization Program?

The Electronic System for Travel Authorization makes it easy for visitors from Waiver Program countries to enter the United States for tourism or business reasons.

How Does the U.S. Travel Authorization Program Work?

If you are a resident or citizen of one of these countries, you can apply for a travel document online and enter the United States for up to 90 days. The travel document is available to most citizens and residents of these countries, although you must meet certain requirements to qualify. Get started to see if you qualify.

Who Needs U.S. Travel Authorization?

Any traveler entering the United States from any foreign country must obtain valid U.S. travel authorization, with the exception of residents of Canada and Mexico. You must obtain travel authorization if entering the United States via a commercial flight, land border, or cruise ship, or if transiting through the United States to another destination.

How We Help

We speed up and optimize the U.S. travel authorization process. Our experts have decades of experience organizing and submitting travel authorization documents for travelers in 195+ countries worldwide. Whether visiting the United States for tourism or business, you can rely on our team to provide efficient travel authorization processing. We are not affiliated with the United States government, and we charge a service fee in exchange for providing 24/7 assistance and efficient travel authorization processing.

Why Us?

Complete refund if application is rejected (including government processing fees and service fees)

Immediate email confirmation (we send your travel authorization approval directly to your inbox)

Instant online updates and corrections for any travel authorization documents

24/7 customer service from anywhere in the world

Fast U.S. travel authorization processing and step-by-step support

Experts with decades of experience handling U.S. travel authorization applications

Data reviewed by experts before submission to U.S. government

Re-submission of U.S. travel authorization at no additional cost

Real-time email notifications

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